About TBCT Coin

TBCT coin provides a suite of income-generating products, focused on accessibility, usability, and longevity. TBCT boosts investment and promotes client commitment. Clients acquire TBCT and through pool cooperation thereby creating profitability and later taking part in TBCT's continous improvement.


Security and privacy

We present a cryptocurrency that provides a high degree of confidentiality. In this regard, we keep the collected user data on a blockchain and are responsible for the security audit.

Decentralized Finance product

For the platform we offer, a suite of yield-generating products, focused on accessibility, usability, and longevity. TBCT boosts investment and catalyzes client commitment.

Instant payouts

The income from your earning is accrued daily using an automatic payout system.

Stable income

The presence of regular payments, a variety of trading packages and an easy-to-use interface provide you with a stable income.


TBCT coin is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) product, owned by a sensible and supportive community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspective to build TBCT community into the best crypto community.

Social Media platforms, despite being a tale of the modern society, remain largely antiquated. While we browse through different profiles on our phones, we oftentimes forget that it’s one single entity behind the curtains. One central organization that can pull the plug and control the entire thing.

TBCT is here where the promise of blockchain-based technology, being inherently distributed and decentralized, sounds particularly appealing. DeFi is undoubtedly the hot topic of the summer of 2020. This nascent industry, disregarded by many, exploded in the months following the COVID-induced market crash in March. The TBCT team intends to break this dependence on DeFi Product.

To this end, creating social Networking projects to use DeFi Product is one of the team's future plans. While many focus predominantly on the financial side of DeFi, social media is another, completely different field that can be broadly improved by blockchain-based technology.

One of the important goals of the team is to involve TBCT holders in the profits from the creation of DeFi Product. TBCT holders are therefore the future shareholders of the company.

TBCT coin is deployed as BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network designed as a functional smart contract, also a good experience for all supporters of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Product.

The promise of a verifiably transparent ledger that’s also unchangeable and almost impossible to tamper with. Of course, there’s plenty of room for improvement and it’s important for the momentum to be sustained. Already onboard are several users in the growing field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


The company has taken care of the systematization of the functions for activating business packages and payments.


Profits are disburst regularly in automation of payments without problems.


The company is responsible for the security of this server and provides trading, which ensures total confidentiality.


We have innovatively designed and created business packages to meet the needs of everyone.


Thanks to the functionality of the server, buying, withdrawing and tracking your balance are not difficult for our clients.


Our support team tries to individually serve each client, taking into consideration their wises, we try to implement this to ensure there's always the highest degree of clients satisfaction.

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