Introducing TBCT Community


Prelaunch Starts

TBCT V2 Prelaunch - Wednesday 27th July 12pm UTC

About TBCT Coin V2

TBCT coin provides a suite of income-generating products, focused on accessibility, usability, and longevity. Dedicated to rewarding holders in TBCT Community, burning the supply of TBCT Coin v2 and leading the movement of change for TBCT holders .

The contract will purchase TBCT Coin V2 and send to burn address automatically. This will aid in our mission to increase the amount of TBCT coin being burnt. We believe this will support the recovery and will work hard to promote other major players to follow suit and Burn alongside us.


We've Evolved: Support for V1 TBCT has been officially closed. As previously announced, all transfers of TBCT V1 will be subjected to a 100% tax to disincentivize any trading or purchasing of V1 TBCT. The ability to migrate from V1 to V2 TBCT Coin V2 (TBCT) will remain open for those who have yet to migrate. Please migrate to V2 (TBCT) immediately to minimize any risk or potential loss. For migration questions you can visit our FAQ here.

We will host AMAs, Weekly Competitions/Giveaways, Twitter TBCT promotions, $TBCT Burn Events and much more!

NFT Collection

For Investor Security

Liquidity locked

Rug-Free Contract

Safu Team

Contract Audited

Presale Anti Dump Feature


10 Billion

Total Supply

Contract Address



Supply = 1 Billion Tokens

Private Sale


Supply = 2 Billion Tokens



Supply = 500 Million Tokens

Team, Influencer and Marketing


Supply = 2 Billion Tokens

CEXs and Staking


Supply = 4.5 Billion Tokens

Pre Launch

TBCT Coin V2










Phase 1- Prelaunch Sale

  • Website development
  • Social Media set up: Twitter, Facebook and Telegram
  • Twitter TBCT Shill Raids
  • Influencers Partnerships
  • Fair Launch Prelaunch
  • White Paper
  • Audit
  • Branding
  • TBCT V2 Burn Event
  • Community Giveaway / Competitions

Phase 2- Stealth Launch on Binance Smart Chain

  • CMC & Coingecko applications after launch
  • NFT collection for TBCTX Army
  • Lunatics Staking pool
  • Huge Partnership Drive
  • Global Marketing
  • TBCTR Farms

Phase 3

  • CEX Listing
  • Bridging to other Blockchains
  • Rewards Dapp
  • TBCT V2 Burn Campaign
  • CEX Partnerships
  • Sport/Celebrity Partnership Campaign
  • TBCTV2 Lottery

Meet the Team

Tagenlab – Owner – Design

Has extensive experience in Project Branding and is a trusted partner of TBCT. He has worked with many leading projects in the space and provides support with design, public relations and brand image. In DeFi, image can define a project, exposure is nothing without the right perception. TG also provides UI design and is building a powerful platform for TBCT users.


Meta Man - Owner – Founder

Metaman has strong project owner experience and brings a wealth of knowledge of the space and leads our overall journey. He was a TBCT V1 supporter and felt the burn with the events that unfolded. He is driving to create a project that makes a difference with lasting utility. Our roadmap is rigourously being developed and the utilities we are building will provide long term benefits for holders and TBCT supporters alike. Previous project reached 18x at ath and Metaman wishes to bring many many learned lessons to this mission.

TagenLab – Developer – Consultant

TagenLab is a genius in his own right. He has extensive coding knowledge and a very versatile skillset to build useful tools for Defi. He has worked with us before and his commitment and attention to detail is outstanding. Tagenlab is working hard building our platform and many other utilites.


TagenLab Design Team

The design team are NFT experts and are currently designing industry benchmark NFTs to utilise within the project. We have a number of interesting designs that will create hype and project interest. The design team are very inspiring and their creativity is second to none.

Kingwisdom – Marketing Wizards – 3rd Party Marketing Consultant

Kingwisdom is a Marleting industry leader in the space. He has worked for many multi million dollar projects. His and his teams past project list is extremely promsing. We are poised to deliver hard with the backing of his team. His firm is a permanent partner to drive the project forward.

Partnerships – We have a number of major influencers across Telegram, Twitter and other Social media channels. These will be released periodically running up to launch and beyond. We believe partnerships are integral to true, organic community building and will strive to increase these long term.